Saturday, November 26, 2011

What is Winsight?

Okay, the day I made this blog (technically yesterday) I was talking to my friends about what I should name it. I mentioned that I wanted many opinions on the ideas I had. I wanted to know what I should call it, as well as what the URL should be. I said "Insight is Winsight". (So, Winsight is insight but for winners)

I wanted to call it My Life as a Teenage Robot, but my wonderful friend suggested The Cake is a Lie: A White Girls Winsight, and it stuck! As for the URL, it was decided between holdyourbreathunderwater, icantbelieveididthatonthefirstdate, and howyouchangetheworld. They were all great choices, and I was leaning towards icantbelieveididthatonthefirstdate, because it was funny! AND I'm a teenager, and all us teenagers think about is dating... Right? Right?

Anyways, the winner was holdyourbreathunderwater, because it looks like THUNDER WATER! And what's more exciting than thunder and water? Maybe lots of things... But still! It's my choice and I love it for what it is! Have you ever been swimming while there was thunder and lightening outside? I have, and it's pretty dang cool! The water rumbles and you feel like you did it ALL by yourself, it is very empowering!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an exorcist? Neither have I...


  1. hahaha thunder water... and I love your heading. So very catchy and original!