Friday, November 25, 2011

Insight is Winsight: The Beginning

Okay, so my definition of blogging isn't hard. Blogging is what you do when you feel the need to express yourself via writing. Easy enough, right? I sure hope so... Because this is definitely going to be an interesting voyage.

What will I use my blog for? Creative inspiration... My written short stories, my poems, lyrics, whatever pleases me! It's MINE! hehe.

How did I find out how to make a blog? Why, Google, of course! (With the help of my facebook...)

How often will I use my blog? Hmm, who's to say, whenever it's pressing me! I'm not going to treat it like Twitter, and I'm definitely not treating it like a book of science articles.

What do I do? Easy. I like art, education, awareness, and action. This will be like my diary! (But less about boys [no promises, though] and MORE about what interests me. It's my blog, remember? Maaaaaaybe, I will write about contradicting matters! WHO KNOWS! It is still in it's infancy.

One thing I know for sure, Lots of my creativity will be invested here, and I hope it sparks a little something in you, reader! Merci pour votre temps!

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  1. There needs to be more teenagers like YOU. I'm just sayin'. Bring it!